Newsroom: Client Closeup

Client Closeup: Advancing Innovation Pet

August 29, 2016

Imagination, creativity, and originality are the strategic tools Innovation Pet uses to bring exciting new products to pet parents everywhere. Since inception four years ago, Innovation Pet has set the pet industry on fire with its unique and engaging products. This dynamic corporation is rapidly achieving success that competitive companies envy—with several industry awards and… Read more »

Client Closeup: Advancing Summit Enterprises

June 10, 2016

Bill and Brenda Galloway – Summit Enterprises Bill and his wife Brenda own and operate Summit Enterprises, a residential commercial property investment company serving the greater Pasadena area for 40 years. Having built the business through service, commitment, and referrals, Summit Enterprises continues to satisfy clients with its responsive leasing and maintenance services. After working… Read more »

Client Closeup: Advancing Cook’s Doors & Windows

May 10, 2016

Gino Cozzolino, Bob Cook, Casey Lubin, and Jim Cook

L-R: Gino Cozzolino – Plaza Bank, Bob Cook, Casey Lubin – Plaza Bank, and Jim Cook Like many of Plaza Bank’s clients, Cook’s Doors & Windows has quite a history. Nearly a century ago, in 1923, Bert Cook moved across the country from Iowa to Southern California and established a small, local hardware store and… Read more »

Client Closeup: Advancing Big Fogg

March 15, 2016

You wouldn’t think anyone, or any company for that matter, would want to “put a damper” on high- profile events such as the Super Bowl, NASCAR races, and MLB All-Star games. But that’s exactly what Big Fogg™ is doing—and building quite a business in the process. One of the first misting companies on the market,… Read more »

Client Closeup: Advancing The Paper Company

February 23, 2016

Plaza’s Eric Fenmore and Greg Janes with Jody and Michael Madden of The Paper Company Despite owning and operating The Paper Company for nearly 35 years, Mike and Jody Madden don’t claim to have built a company. “Our people have made the company what it is today,” Mike said. “Without question, they ultimately are responsible… Read more »

Client Closeup: Advancing Branches Atelier

January 6, 2016

It is not surprising that most of Plaza Bank’s clients share a commitment to strengthen their local communities. After all, “Plaza Bank seeks to work with like-minded businesses and organizations as it strives to make a positive impact in the communities we serve,” emphasized Todd Massas, Senior Vice President, Commercial & SBA Lending Group Manager… Read more »

Client Closeup: Advancing Pacific Sweeping

January 6, 2016

Like C.S. Bishop, who invented the first street sweeping machine in 1849, Lee Miller is an innovator. As owner of Pacific Sweeping in San Marcos, California, Miller has stayed on the leading edge in a commoditized industry to distinguish his business from the pack and achieve sustainable growth. The street sweeping industry was initially driven… Read more »

Client Closeup: Advancing Survival Systems

October 26, 2015

As its name suggests, Survival Systems International (SSI) is in the business of saving lives. The company’s flagship product, a high-performance lifeboat capsule designed specifically for workers on offshore rigs and platforms, has been used in more than 60 emergency evacuations, safely rescuing more than 2,000 people. “Those numbers are unparalleled in the industry,” said… Read more »