Plaza Bank’s Mona McGrury on the opening of the new Client Services Center

Mona McGrury, Plaza Bank’s Senior Vice President and Operations Manager, is heading up the new Client Services Center or “CSC”. Asked how the Bank’s new CSC differs from other banks she pointed out, “Our new Client Services Center delivers a meaningful edge to our business clients and is something that very few community banks offer.”

The new Client Services Center, which has been up and running since the fall of 2013, is dedicated to assisting the Bank’s clientele with banking needs such as transactions, product support and general banking. Assistance with ATM/Debit cards, online banking, bill payment, remote deposit support, ACH, wire transfers, error resolution, are examples of what the new CSC provides. Also, by the second quarter of 2014, the Loan Servicing department will roll up into the new Client Services Center. Until then the Loan Servicing phone number remains (949) 225-3700.

McGrury adds, “Treasury and deposit support for our clients has increased over the past few years. We identified the growing necessity to build an experienced lineup of bankers that understand the nuances of what our clients experience every day when interacting with the Bank’s tools and services. The CSC team is a banking experience game-changer, delivering consultative support to our users and ensuring their transactions and processes run smoothly.”

Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer for Plaza Bank, Michael Vantrease agreed, “The Client Services Center aligns with Plaza Bank’s dedication to the client-centric experience. We are highly sensitive of how every detail can effect each of our clients and the new CSC is a major pillar of creating exceptional relationships with each one of them.”

We at Plaza Bank invite small businesses to try our entire banking experience which automatically includes the option to use the Client Services Center between the hours of 7:30 am and 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday. The center can be contacted by phone or email.

Client Services Center
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